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This is just wild

That may be the only way to describe the experience that has been sock summit. The dilerium of the organizers, the graciousness of the instructors, the niceness of the vendors and the sheer giddy joy of the attendees is just awesome to behold.

At times we’ve been heard to say thing like “this can’t really be happening” or “pinch me, i must be dreaming”. Some of the things that have triggered these statements?

1) standing in the lobby of your hotel, talking toanother attendee. Realize that it’s Ann Budd, the woman who wrote the books that have allowed you to design your own hat, gloves, and sweaters without a pattern. Bond over something as silly as Dansko shoes (greatest shoes ever).

2) see your 2 spinning teachers (Anne and Denny) standing in a crowd of people. Being able to walk right up to them to thank them for teaching you how to spin. Realize that Anne the teacher is trying to teach Ann the author (and Dansko lover) to spin. Also realize that you are now chatting with Sivia Harding (another awesome teacher). Momentarily have an inner squee and then pull out your drop spindle and start spinning in the company of all these amazing people.

3) going to the Sock Hop and watching a very tired Stephanie still be silly enough to tango and do th Hustle (sort of). Hysterical.

4) meeting some incredible people. There is no way I’m going to be able to remember everyone’s name without being in front of a regular computer, but it’s been incredible.

5) watching Glenna score a rare copy of Meg Swansen’s book at Powell’s, get it signed by Meg when we go to her class, and then finding out that copies of the book have gone for over $200 on Ebay.

6) and for me, the highlight has been Barbara Walker. Finding out that the Barbara Walker who has designed all of these AMAZING knitting stitches is also the same Barbara Walker who I studied in university for my Woman’s Studies degree. And then, in Meg’s class, with Barbara Walker sitting behind me, finding out that she INVENTED the SSK stitch. Yep. That stitch that EVERY knitter knows, was invented by Barbara Walker about 20 years ago. The awed silence in the class was astounding.

There has been so much more. The yarn shopping itself will get it’s own post ( as well as it’s own suitcase. *wince*). I have to upload the pictures off my camera as soon as I find the right Wi-Fi hotspot.

Today is the last day of SS09. One last class and a last panel to attend. Home tomorrow. Day off on Tuesday.

Recovery from the wild that has been SS09? Hopefully, never.

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