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bored at work

the only issue with summer fridays is that when you are at work on a friday, there is almost nothing to do b/c half your team is OOTO.  so i’m sitting here posting.  but what i really want to do is get the hell out of here, or at least, knit.

the Sock Summit ’09 socks (also known as Summer Swing) are almost done.  i have about 1/2 the foot and the toe left and then into the FOs column they go!  and last night, i saw Ysolda’s Damson and had to buy it and cast on right away.

so i did 🙂 here’s a taste, but more pictures will follow once it gets more interesting than just a blob. (and i have no clue why it won’t let me load just one shot.  must figure that out. )

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moving day is close

well, i’ll be closing down the old blog this weekend and i’ll start updating next week.  but i just need to get this all set up the way i need it to be.

plus this weekend, i’m getting a powerful new tool that will make updating everything easier.  i feel like updating while in the park?  no computer?  no problem!!!

that iPhone is going to change my life 😉

ok, maybe not, but it will be fun!

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i may be moving here soon…

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