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Recovery and letdown

to say that Rhinebeck this year was the best ever may actually not do it justice.  all of my Rhinebecks have been memorable, from the “what’s this fiber festival thingy” that was my first Rhinebeck, when I was a new knitter and had no idea just what Rhinebeck meant to the fiber peeps, to the later heady days of dragging friends with me (some from Canada) and knowing people as I passed them.

this was probably my 5th Rhinebeck, and this one was a totally different experience for me.  1) This time I was going as a spinner as well as a knitter, 2) I was going as a stasher who has so much yarn, it actually stresses me to think about it and 3) as a knitter who realizes how large her circle of friends is because of this craft.

those 3 facts allowed me to experience this Rhinebeck differently.   I didn’t actually plan on buying a lot of yarn as my spinning fiber stash needs the help, NOT the yarn stash and I was going as a member of a pretty freakin’ cool house of women who knit and spin and are snarky, sarcastic, warm, loving and funny as hell!

So this weekend was a weekend of knitting and talking and singing and eating and some dancing and cooking and fighting with furnaces and watching the clouds roll by on stunningly beautiful fall days in Upstate NY (hey, Duchess County is upstate to me!) and buying yarn that I wasn’t expecting to (Sanguine Gryphon was there! you can’t just buy one! or 4!),  and getting great deals on awesome fiber and running down hills to tackle friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.

there will be pictures of yarn and fiber up on Ravelry, but here’s a picture of one favorite memory of this year.

Me and my llama, me and my llama

Oh, also what happens when 13 women all think to bring an “extra” bottle of wine with them (this is only the reds, whites are in the fridge)

Wouldn't be Rhinebeck without the drinkies.

And finally, the haul

To some, this is a shocking amount of yarn and fiber. Slackers 😉

For whatever reason, for the next little while, this song will remind me of this weekend.


Thanks to the women of RhineTEN and Julie, Penny, Melanie, Melody, Abbie, Jen, Annie, Erin…the list goes on and on.

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RHINEBECK! Part 2: Evening


The proceeding sugar crash has been brought to you by an insane amount of Maple Cotton Candy….

Further posts will occur as blood sugar evens out.

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RHINEBECK! Part 1: Morning

We have coffee, we have treats, we have cash, we have cars.

This is going to get ugly, AND I CAN’T WAIT!!!

More later, with stash enhancements.

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This is a test

Playing with technology is fun. Let’s see if this works.

If this really works, I am SO getting one of these for myself!!!

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