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Dear Real Life

you have taken up way too much of my time these past 2 months.  the only knitting i’ve accomplished has been while on some mode of transportation.  the only photos of said knitting have been taken with a phone camera instead of a real camera.

the only things i’ve accomplished recently are frogging projects that are JUST NOT WORKING,  finishing up some long lingering (and newly rediscovered) projects, working on some travelling socks, and trying to get some speed on 2 long term projects.

the frogging was actually quite cathartic.  i ended the sad story of some handspun that just wasn’t working out as a shawl and it will live again in another design.  another was a pair of gloves i was test knitting, but there is a better version of the pattern now so i’ll try them again and this time not make as many mistakes.  so both of those i actually consider a win.

in the “omg, i didn’t realize i had even knit this!” dept, i was cleaning out some project bags and found a hat i had all but finished (only had blocking and weaving in ends to do).  silly me! anyway, its a really cute Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret made in what i think may be Malabrigo Worsted, but since there was no tag, i can’t be sure.

Here it is blocking on a plate in my kitchen (no, those are not granite countertops!)

and i finally finished the languishing Show Off Shawl, which i did with my  first really successful handspin (Into The Whirled BFL batt purchased at Rhinebeck last year).  Just wanted a simple shawl to show off the color progression that I managed to acheive.

isn’t it pretty?

what wasn’t pretty was the panic i had at the very end.  there was very little yarn left and i thought i might not have enough to bind off.  i had JUST BARELY enough yarn to finish!  and after weaving in the ends, i sort of felt a bit ill at the wee amount of yarn i had left.

yeah, that really is only about 6 inches worth of yarn.  NOT FUN!

but the shawl is lovely and i’m really happy with it and can’t wait for fall to come so i can wear it.

here’s a sock that got started on a trip to DC.  sock number 2 is almost done so yay!! It’s the Lace and Cable sock by Wendy Johnson.  I’m really getting into toe-up socks now that i have figured out the joy that is the toe up slip stitch heel (i still hate short rows even though i’m better at them than i used to be!)

But thanks to the heat, there hasn’t been as much knitting at home as i would like.  just too hot and while i’ve used my AC more this summer than i have in the last 3 summers COMBINED, i try not to keep it on all the time.

hey, the more money goes to the electric bill, the less money i have for Rhinebeck 🙂 its all about priorities people!!

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