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especially when i didn’t post AT ALL in the month of March?

well, i’ll sort of keep it.

didn’t really accomplish much this last month. some spinning which still needs to be photographed and putting some UFOs into the FO pile.

See my Leyburn Socks?  They are finally done!

Work continues slowly on my Tea Leaves Cardigan, which for some odd reason I do not have a picture on my server despite taking a picture this morning before i left the house.  It’s going slowly because I’m on the stockinette portion of the pattern and omg, it puts me to sleep.  So I tend to take it with me if I’m going to the movies since I don’t need to look at the work and I can knit it in the dark.  I’ve seen “How to Train Your Dragon” twice in the theatre (yes, i love that movie, why do you ask?), so I’m about halfway done with the torso.  I might switch to doing the sleeves; at least there are decreases to keep track of.

Watch, I’ll finish the sweater just in time for the temperature to hit the 90s for a week straight.

I’m starting on another summer dress!  It’s Gudrun Johnston’s Little Black Dress although for me, it’s being made out of KnitPicks CotLin in Planetarium.  I took this picture with my iPhone, but while it doesn’t catch the color, it at least shows the stitch pattern pretty well.

I doubt this will be done in time for the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic which is about 3 weeks away (OMGYAY!), but hey, a girl can dream! I’m heading up to Toronto for the Frolic to visit my friend GlennaC and spend some money.  But only some.  Like maybe 1 or 2 skeins. *shifty eyes on lookout for random lightning strikes*

yeah, it’s an exciting life, isn’t it.

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