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2 weeks of Insanity

And sadly, not the fun knitting variety.

Work was, once again, crazed, and has caused all sorts of hijinks which have led to much cursing on Twitter.  The only saving grace has been the hour I run away from my desk at lunch and hide away for some solitary knitting.  It really is the second best part of my work day (number 1 being when i leave 🙂

But the real insanity has been my entry into the Knitting Olympics.  Since I’m not the world’s best team player, I decided against the RavOlympics and went on my merry way determined to finish a major project (anything requiring more than 1 skein of yarn).

I was originally going to do a waistcoat or vest, but then my conscience got the best of me and I decided what I really needed to do was finish a project that had been languishing on the wall o’ project since mid-Nov of ’09.  It was my lovely Nuss sweater, made from Berroco’s Blackstone Tweed, a wonderfully soft blend of Merino, Mohair and Angora (spun smoothly enough that i wasn’t breaking out in hives just looking at it).

And this was a possible goal for me!  When I re-started the sweater, it had been 3 months since I’d touched it, so it was almost like starting over.  So a sweater in 2 weeks was difficult, but not impossible.

Well, friends, then I did something foolish.  I signed up for a spinning course.  The spinning course was only once a week for 2 hours a class, but oh the distraction!  I didn’t want to come home and knit, I wanted to come home and spin!  And play with my batts and combed tops.

But just as Olympians before me, I pushed on through the pain and persevered!  And just an hour ago, I finished my sweater!

And then thanked God that I’m only crazy enough to do this once every 4 years.

Wanna see?

Pretty Nuss Sweater

Now, where’s my Gold medal?

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but yeah, life got in the way.

January and the beginning of February have been busy knitting months.  I continue with my personal challange of knitting from my stash and have been doing quite well!

The Multnomah shawl is done and looks lovely!  the gauge was a bit tight, so its a bit shorter than i had intended, but it’s still lovely and smooshy and warm.

Next up was Shalom, using up all 6 skeins of the Malabrigo Worsted i had laying around.  Its now my second most favorite sweater (Brea still takes top prize).  Sadly, all my pictures of it pretty much suck !

That’s it for the finished, but tomorrow I hope to finish my second pair of Jaywalkers.  I’m on the gusset section of the second sock, so hopefully i’ll be done by tomorrow night.  here’s another crappy picture:

Plus some spinning: This is a Merino/Silk blend that i loved when I saw it, hated when i was spinning it, and ADORE it now that i have about 100 yards of it.  AMAZING!!

also, i really like that shot!  i’ve been playing around with  my camera and i’m finding out all of the interesting things my cheap ass point and shoot can do and it’s fantastic!!!

Anyway, there is actually a reason I need to be done with my socks by tomorrow.  More will be revealed tomorrow while I’m either working from home or bored out of my mind at work.

now i’m off to lay in bed and fall asleep without earplugs.  the snow has made the roads all nice and quiet, so as long as kitty stays calm, it’s going to be a really nice sleep tonight!

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