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shopping in my stash

ahh, the benefits of reorganization. the joys of  finding yarns that were missing.  better yet, the euphoria of finding yarns you didn’t even know you had!

i had experienced both of those joys this weekend during phase 1 of the re-organization.  I found one skein of STR from the Rockin’ Sock Club November shipment that must have gotten put away a bit too quickly.  So that got wound up quickly and made into the Raven Swirl Socks from the club.  here one is sitting on my laptop this morning.  this is just before it went on my foot 🙂

i also pulled out my treasured skein of the Sanguine Gryphon’s Bugga! that i risked life and limb for at Sock Summit ’09 (seriously, so many people crowded into the booth, it almost toppled a wall).  I really couldn’t bear to make it into socks that would be stuffed into shoes, so i decided to make a Multnomah shawl that i could snuggle up to and show to the world.  I’m 3 rows away from being done with the garter stitches and that’s since Tuesday evening, so score for the speed knitting!

not the best picture, but hey, its something!

so the plan after the shawl is to start a sweater of some sort with the 6 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted.  Since I’m going to be short on yarn with that one, I’m thinking its going to need to be a top-down construction.  I’m leaning towards Shalom since i can also add 3/4 length sleeves.

now i just need it to be lunch so i can go and knit some more.  so close to the feather and fan portion, i can almost feel it!

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oh dear sweet god…


After Phase 1 of Project Reorganization:

Phase 1 only because i need more of those nifty little organizers.

But the change is already better.  So far, sock yarns, worsted weight yarn and DK weight yarns are now fully visible whenever i open that closet.  the front 2 organizers slide right and left, making it very easy to see what is behind them, so accessibility is not compromising storage potential.

I need a few more for cottons and a remainders bin.  then i need to sort through the “reclaimed yarn”, otherwise known as the frog pond, and get that under control, and then destash all of the extra yarn that is hanging out that i’m NEVER going to use and get it out of my house where it is just taking up space.

i’ve already identified 2 projects, 1 of which will be made of yarn i didn’t even know that i had before i started this reorganization  (4 balls of Rowan Kid Classic will be made into a capelet- very excited) and the other is a little shawl made of the Sanguine Griffin Bugga yarn that i stroke (and sometimes whisper “my precious” ).

But for now, its off to launch a website and dream of getting out of here at 5:30.  tonight is knit night, but last night was a miserable night’s sleep, so i’ll be heading home, for a spot of knitting, a spot of tea, and a sleeping pill (probably in that order).

oh, and more bins for organization.

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dear new decade

please be kind…

the end of 2009 came in a bit of rush, too many personal projects languishing, replaced by Christmas knitting and an “OMG, I MUST HAVE IT NOW!” sweater that leaped out at me at my LYS.  then there were visits by friends, most notably Glenna C.  We wandered in museums (ok, she went to the Guggenheim, which thanks to vertigo problems, i have to avoid), ate A LOT of really good food, and powered through some serious projects.

Here is a Noro Striped Scarf that I started in August, got bored at 6″, and picked it up again and knit another 48″ in less than a week in December.  This scarf reminded me why i hate scarves: too long!  but totally warm and great with the cold snap we are having in NYC this month.

then there were the 2 pair of socks for friends, one who hates socks, but likes the warmth that knitted socks give her, and a pair of Vampire Boyfriend socks for another friend who is obsessed with, you guessed it, Edward of the “Twilight” series.

then my greatest opus yet, the Brea Sweater from Rowan, knit in its intended yarn of Rowan Lima.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE SWEATER EVER!!!!  yes, it deserves all caps.  while there was an initial problem with the directions, once the sweater was all sewn up, it’s squish favor combined with the perfect fit (everything is the right length) combined with the warmth has made this the best sweater i’ve ever made.  i constantly get compliments on it (even been petted a few times, which was just funny).

so i figure, if i accomplished that in the old decade, what can i accomplish in this new decade?

well, for one, i’m re-organizing the stash (god help me, the last one almost killed me).  i’ve been at it an hour, and i’ve already found 6 skeins of yarn that i didn’t know i had.  the sock yarn collection is threatening to overtake me and i have enough yarn for 6 sweaters.  the main goal is to get the yarn out of the bins (although protected, i can’t see them and forget what i have!) and get them into a system where they are totally in my face when i open the closet and thus the urge to say “oh, i have no yarn” and the subsequent buying of more yarn happens and the yarn comes home and goes into a bin and the circle continues.

oy, it makes my head spin.

maybe this is the year that i knit from my stash.  i’ll know more once i tackle that closet!

*deep breath and dives in*

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