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Quick Update

the past few weeks have been insane, with work and new offices.  today’s post was made possible by the fact that our servers and phones were totally down for hours, but at least internet came back up.


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there are certain events in a knitter’s calendar that are sacred.  most come along every year (Stitches, the Romney Wools sale in Toronto, Maryland Sheep and Wool) and some come on a varying schedule, sort of like the 29th of February (Sock Summit comes to mind).

For this knitter, that most holy of days (weekends really), is Rhinebeck, properly known as the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  In previous years, i have conned people into driving me up at ungodly hours, but this year, Glenna and I got smart and rented a house.  ok, so we still conned someone into the doing the driving, but this time it was a lovely knitter named Liz who i feel privileged to know in person, as she is delightful, funny and loves Jane Austin as much as i do (also agrees with me the ending of the new BBC adaptation of Persuasion makes the blood boil- this is always a sign of a smart woman).
we headed up on Friday afternoon (sadly, i was still doing work via BlackBerry) and checked into the house, which we discovered is just about the cutest thing ever.  good thing too, b/c roadwork caused a detour that added 10 minutes to the drive (at best.  in the dark and trying to avoid the local fauna, make that 20).  but yeah, the house was adorable.  Awesome kitchen, propane fireplace and a STUNNING view.

Glenna made a very yummy dinner (using the aforementioned awesome kitchen) of roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and some roasted beets (yay beets!).

Saturday morning dawned bright and early and i saw it all b/c my cold was killing me and not allowing me to sleep.  but it really was a beautiful sunrise and the dawn of a great day.  it was cold, but at least the predicted rain from the Nor’Easter (wtf, it’s only mid-Oct!).  after a lovely breakfast of homemade egg mcmuffins, we headed off to the fairgrounds for the frolic to begin.

There was a ton of fiber for spinning that was purchased by me (Into the Whirled and A Verb for Keeping Warm got A LOT of my money), as well as some more Briar Rose, some Brooks Farms Foreplay and even a Qiviut blend that just rocked my world.  And because I’m practical, I even stocked up on bobbins for my Ashford Kiwi and an Ashford Competition Lazy Kate.

And I was good because until the very end, I avoided the temptation of more STR and did not go to The Fold.  At the very end of the day, when I no longer had any willpower, I took a quick peek inside, but I was good at keeping myself to only one skein of mill ends.  This was much more successful than the lack of restraint I showed at Sock Summit (one trip, 7 skeins of STR.  That’s a record for me).

The handknits were definitely working overtime.  It was freezing cold and so my awesome Heather Hoodie Vest had to be worn OVER my polar fleece jacket (which was over a long sleeved shirt and a tee-shirt).  But at least it didn’t rain, which would have been gross and muddy (although, less crowded which would have been nice).  There were a lot of  last minute “omg, I have to knit a hat/scarf/mittens”  FOs displayed since the normal “oh, look at the sweater I knit for Rhinebeck” were under coats and stuff.

While at Rhinebeck, you always meet friends of friends and this year, I met a very cool woman named Sarah who lives about 10 blocks from my house.  It was one of those funny conversation where you start out at “what state do you live in?” to “what city?” to “what borough” to “what street do you live on?  I live in Bay Ridge too!”  All in all, pretty awesome.  We have yet to meet up, but that may be b/c my life has been nuts the last few weeks.

Here are some teaser shots




The rest of the pictures are over at my Flickr account, here.

And here was some of the stuff I was wearing:

heather hoodiemeret

Now that the Rhinebeck knitting is over, its time for Christmas knitting.  Lets see how many socks/hats/mittens/neck warmers I can knit between now and Dec 20th.

Here’s a pretty thing that I made.  I haven’t decided if it will be an X-mas gift or stay home with me.  It’s SOOO SOFT!

pretty thing

It’s a good thing that Christmas technically has 12 days.  It really means I have until Jan 6th, to finish all of my Xmas gifts.  I’m taking all the time I can get because I have 3 sets of socks (at least), one scarf, one hat, and possibly some mittens.

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