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bored now!

not so much from Sock Summit letdown, but mostly now b/c work has hit a slow period and i haven’t figured out the best stealth knitting technique 🙂  also, i’m blogging while on the most boring meeting of my week.  thank god its a phone conference.

the knitting is going well.  i finally finished my Sock Summit 09 socks.  the pattern is Summer Swing from knitty, done up in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Hermosa.  great pattern, repetative without being boring, and really cute to look at.


Summer Swing Sock

and a pair of socks!

Summer Swing Pair

in other knitting, the damson shawl is going quite well.  i’m finally past the garter stitch (thank god) and it coming out lovely.

damson on desk

as you can see, i am taking a lot of these pictures at my desk.  partially b/c when you work on the 36th floor in Midtown Manhattan, you get really good light if you are lucky enough to sit by a window, which i am 🙂  plus, i don’t have to worry about a kitty taking a nap on the knitting just as i’m about to take the shot.

i’m still working on the Rhinbeck 09 sweater.  I’m making it out of the YUMMY YUMMY Briar Rose Legend that I got at SS09.  i’m doing it as a top down raglan, but i’m not in any way ,shape, or form at a place where it is interesting to take pictures of it.  hopefully, i’ll be able to work on it this weekend.  that is looking like it will happen since mother nature (and Tropical Storm Danny) are looking to rain on my three day weekend.  Its the last of my summer fridays, and i was hoping to go to the beach one day this weekend, but yeah, not looking like that’s going to happen.  so knitting it is!

now, i just have to decide which tv show i need to have a marathon of.  i’m thinking S6 of NCIS?  and maybe a few movie rentals?

sounds like a plan to me!

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so for some reason, work has sort of hit a lull.  i’m practicing my stealth knitting (project bag under the chair, hands knitting off to the side), and obsessively thinking about Rhinebeck and what sweater i’m going to wear.

and of course, by that i mean, what sweater am i going to start and work furiously on in order to finish on time for Rhinebeck.

and here begins the story of the little swatch that could.
Briar Rose Legend
Briar Rose swatch

its knitting up nicely at 6sts/8 rows= 1″ on US size 6 needles.  I love the way it looks in stockinette, i love how the seed stitch pops some of the colors out.

but i just don’t know what to actually make with it.  and while i’m thinking i should just develop my own pattern, i just don’t know.

and its SCREAMING at me to knit it.  really, i can hear it in my dreams.

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bored at work

the only issue with summer fridays is that when you are at work on a friday, there is almost nothing to do b/c half your team is OOTO.  so i’m sitting here posting.  but what i really want to do is get the hell out of here, or at least, knit.

the Sock Summit ’09 socks (also known as Summer Swing) are almost done.  i have about 1/2 the foot and the toe left and then into the FOs column they go!  and last night, i saw Ysolda’s Damson and had to buy it and cast on right away.

so i did 🙂 here’s a taste, but more pictures will follow once it gets more interesting than just a blob. (and i have no clue why it won’t let me load just one shot.  must figure that out. )

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because re-entry has not been easy and I need a weekend to sit on my ass and be a vegetable.  also, reorganize the stash.  thanks to SS09, the stash has grown to levels that have induced massive guilt (yet guilty pleasure as well).   ok, and maybe some sewing, since i need to stock the etsy store.

so this weekend, i think i’m off to IKEA at some point (maybe i’ll be totally lame and go tonight?) to get more organizers.  ok, just realized, maybe not tonight since i have to measure some stuff.  also, i need to get rid of some old stash that i bought efore i became a yarn snob.  nothing wrong with it, but i know i won’t use it, but i don’t want to throw it out, so donated it will be.  and hey, that frees up more room in the yarn closet.  did you ever see the last time i fixed the yarn closet? click the shots below to make them bigger.

can you guess what it looks like right now?  i think one of the things i need to better organize is the growing stash of spinning fiber, because that is starting to cause a problem.

but i just need to make it through today.  i’m truly exhausted and verging on grouchy.  being surrounded by advertising types rather than knitting friends is just not fun.

7 hours… i can make it.

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seriously, this whole “work” think is really taking time away from the yarnz.  waking up was not fun (totally surprised that i have a bit of jetlag) the subway was hideous (no seat!  i had to knit standing up!) and now i’m at work and no one is knitting and they expect me to think and oh, its just too awful!!!  also, i’m on the conference call from hell and the only thing that makes it bearable is the fact that i now have a headset, so i’m not torturing my neck while listening to enough drivel to make my brain leak out of my ears.

now SOMEONE (otherwise known as Martha) wanted a full accounting of the yarn purchases that were made at sock summit. I preface the rest of this post with the following explanations:

1) I knew going in that i was never going to see most of the yarns ever again, so i vowed to purchase only yarns that I couldn’t get at my LYS.  and for the most part, i succeeded.  there was that one skein of Dream in Color, but it was the last day and I plead exhaustion

2) I did not have a set spending limit, based on number one

3) the yarn fumes, the exhaustion, the excitement and “you can do it!” attitude all ganged up to make me think that i could reasonably knit all of the yarn in no time at all

4) I feel down and hit my head on something hard.  and when i woke up, i had 4 patterns, enough yarn to knit socks for the US Army,  2 shawls,  a sweater, and lots of other stuff.  and fiber.  and a few drop spindles.  and some tee-shirts and swag.  oh, and a set of Signature DPNs which are INCREDIBLE

please don’t judge me (too much).  also, please take my card away from me when i head up to Rhinebeck.

(click to make bigger- if you dare)

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it was as if the knitting gods did not want me to leave Portland (fine by me!).  my flight was 2 hours late, not getting me into NYC until well after midnight.  I didn’t get home and to sleep until almost 2 am and woke up at 9 am, which is the latest i’ve woken up without the influence of alcohol since, well, ever.  even in university, if i slept in after 8 am, there had been booze the night before.

it will probably take me the rest of the week to get over the physical effects of SS09.  the mental effects will hopefully last forever.  i’ve already started using some of the techniques i learned while there (no pointy ears on my toe tips!!!), and can’t wait to do the other ones (I’m starting on Queen of Beads, soon-ish).  i went to ravelry and friended a whole bunch of new people b/c they were amazing and fun and smart and lovely and funny and snarky and everything i love in friends and can’t believe i was lucky enough to meet them.

so now i’m just going to start adding all of the pictures i didn’t get a chance to add when i was still figuring out the whole “posting with a iPhone”

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This is just wild

That may be the only way to describe the experience that has been sock summit. The dilerium of the organizers, the graciousness of the instructors, the niceness of the vendors and the sheer giddy joy of the attendees is just awesome to behold.

At times we’ve been heard to say thing like “this can’t really be happening” or “pinch me, i must be dreaming”. Some of the things that have triggered these statements?

1) standing in the lobby of your hotel, talking toanother attendee. Realize that it’s Ann Budd, the woman who wrote the books that have allowed you to design your own hat, gloves, and sweaters without a pattern. Bond over something as silly as Dansko shoes (greatest shoes ever).

2) see your 2 spinning teachers (Anne and Denny) standing in a crowd of people. Being able to walk right up to them to thank them for teaching you how to spin. Realize that Anne the teacher is trying to teach Ann the author (and Dansko lover) to spin. Also realize that you are now chatting with Sivia Harding (another awesome teacher). Momentarily have an inner squee and then pull out your drop spindle and start spinning in the company of all these amazing people.

3) going to the Sock Hop and watching a very tired Stephanie still be silly enough to tango and do th Hustle (sort of). Hysterical.

4) meeting some incredible people. There is no way I’m going to be able to remember everyone’s name without being in front of a regular computer, but it’s been incredible.

5) watching Glenna score a rare copy of Meg Swansen’s book at Powell’s, get it signed by Meg when we go to her class, and then finding out that copies of the book have gone for over $200 on Ebay.

6) and for me, the highlight has been Barbara Walker. Finding out that the Barbara Walker who has designed all of these AMAZING knitting stitches is also the same Barbara Walker who I studied in university for my Woman’s Studies degree. And then, in Meg’s class, with Barbara Walker sitting behind me, finding out that she INVENTED the SSK stitch. Yep. That stitch that EVERY knitter knows, was invented by Barbara Walker about 20 years ago. The awed silence in the class was astounding.

There has been so much more. The yarn shopping itself will get it’s own post ( as well as it’s own suitcase. *wince*). I have to upload the pictures off my camera as soon as I find the right Wi-Fi hotspot.

Today is the last day of SS09. One last class and a last panel to attend. Home tomorrow. Day off on Tuesday.

Recovery from the wild that has been SS09? Hopefully, never.

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Day 3

So it seems I have a lot to still figure out with blogging from the iPhone app.  It works fine.  I just seem to not know what the hell I’m doing.

The summit has been INCREDIBLE so far.  The classes I’ve taken (people, I can SPIN YARN!!!  From a drop spindle!!  Without cursing (too much)!!!), the yarns I purchased (I need to upload my pictures so you can see the true damage and BE VERY AFRAID).

But its the people that I’ve met.  The women from ST-1 and ST-2.  The amazing volunteers. The dyers and the shop owners who have been so amazing and kind.  And the teachers and presenters.

What can I say about the teachers and presenters?  Mind blowing.  Passionate about their crafts.  Funny as hell (seriously, were they all stand up comics in a former life?).  And generous enough to share their knowledge.

When I get my pictures up (having some issues with my Eye-Fi card), you’ll see some of the amazing people I’ve met.  But for right now, I’ll send you over to Glenna C, my partner in crime here in Portland, and you can look at her pretty pictures.

And yes, I do have a picture of me standing with Barbara Walker.  Mind-blowing.

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This was originally posted as a “page” on August 6, 2009.  Not sure what my excuse is for that.  Can I blame it on the yarn fumes?

After a late arrival to the airport (the flight was fine, the airport van had some issues), I passed like a drunk at Mardi Gras and slept like a baby. Woke up refreshed and excited and ready to start.

Now it’s off to the Convention Center to register and get a cup of coffee before I DIE!!!! Plus, there is only so much I can learn before coffee.

More later…

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Originally posted as a “page” on August 5, 2009.  Further proof that I’m an idiot after flying.


I begin writing this 36,000 feet in the air as I, the most nervous flyer ever, put aside my fear, swallow a bunch of tranquilizers, and travel to Portland, Oregon for Sock Summit ’09!! I planned long and hard for this trip, got lucky a couple of times ( class registration was a battle in itself) and then waited (im)patiently for today to come.

I am currently knitting brooklyntweed’s Noro Striped Scarf as it requires none of the higher brain function of say, turning the heel on a sock. Seriously people, 1 large glass of wine and a Klonazepam. Brain will hopefully start working again about the time we land.

There are a few summiteers on the flight with me, at least 2 across from me and possibly one on front. I can only imagine how many Glenna C had on her flights particularly the one from Vancouver to Portland.

In the days ahead, I’ll be updating the blog, but even more, I’ll be all over Twitter b/c I’m addicted to instant gratification. Check me out there, also as girlunravelled.

The flight so far is smooth and they are predicting arrival to be a little early. Since I did’t check baggage, I can scoot right to the exit, calling the airport shuttle on the way to the doors.

Tomorrow, the real adventure begins…

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