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Almost There

there is a light at the end of this tunnel. while my brain is fried from work, in 5 days, i will be sprinting to the airport, downing a G&T and then boarding a plane to Portland, OR.

i will be taking this:

1/2 of the Gatsby Dress

1/2 of a Gatsby Dress

1/2 of a Gatsby Dress

it’s totally done, but i will need to wait for a friend willing to photograph me, b/c you cannot fully appreciate this dress while its laying on a messy bed.

i will also be taking my homework (which is already on its way to Portland, sans photo.  oops).  as well as quite a large number of sock DPNs.  I actually sent a bunch of stuff ahead in an effort to not have problems at the airport.  I really don’t want to have to explain all of those metal needles to the TSA at a New York City airport.

as for what i come back with, i’m terrified.  i’m actually packing 2 extra bags that can be checked on the way back if the yarn purchasing gets out of hand (as i fully expect it to).  Glenna and i have very little self control when it comes to yarn.  the fumes, well, they cause temporary (or not so temporary) loss of control.  i’m rationalizing it by saying that a lot of the yarns i see there are going to be one-of-a-kind, never to be seen again, etc etc.

but i fully expect to be semi-bankrupt when i get back.  🙂  sounds like the perfect vacation to me!!!

i realized that i have all my “must-do” knitting for SS09 done, and now i can get back to my regularly scheduled knitting.

what’s next on the needles?  yeah, socks.

and i will probably be updating more since i found the lovely little app for my iPhone 🙂

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mostly because i’m going to make an effort to post more.  i want to be able to look back and have a history of my knitting!!!

so, what am i up to in my little craft world?

well, let me show you.

1) The Great Gatsby Dress

This one got me because a friend of mine made it and it looked amazing!  Its always better to see it on a human rather than just in a magazine.  Anyway, I fell in love and immediately had to start making it.

Of course, this was easier said than done.  Because there was one hell of an issue with the yarn.  One yarn shop only had 3 skeins.  I was told that this dress would only need 4 of this the particular yarn I would be using (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece).  So I went searching and found 4 skeins at another yarn shop.  SCORE!!!

Except not.  Turns out it would actually take 5 for me.  But now I was stuck!  I was short one skein of the right dyelot.  So i decided to get the color in another dyelot and use it very carefully.  I figured if I did the waist ribbing in the second dyelot, i would have enough of the first dyelot to finish the rest of the top.

NOPE! There was much playing around with dyelots and much cursing when things didn’t go my way.

Until a wonderful woman on Ravelry saved me by putting up 4 skeins of the yarn in the first dyelot up for sale.  AND SHE LIVES IN NY!!!!  seriously, this woman (we’ll just call her D to protect her anonimity) saved my sanity.  I nearly wept for joy!!!

But rather than weeping, I went home, finished the front, and I’m almost halfway done with the back.  I’m hoping for the back to be done and seaming to begin tomorrow, with the final edging to be done by this weekend.

And then!!! It’s coming to Sock Summit ’09 with me!!!!

Yes, I’m one of the crazy ones going to SS09 and I CAN’T WAIT!!! (2 weeks from today).  I’ll be joining my partner-in-crime Glenna C for 5 days in lovely Portland Oregon for knitting, shopping, knitting, eating, knitting, beer-drinking, oh, and did I mention, knitting?!

And once I finish the Gatsby Dress, I REALLY need to work on my sock homework (I haven’t been this excited to do homework since, well, never.  I’ve never been this excited to do homework!)

Other than the knitting, I’ve been doing some sewing.  Its going up on Etsy, so as soon as that’s all set, I’ll certainly post it here!

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